spray hello to summer with total hay fever control

Spray hello to summer

Beconase, the UK’s No.1 selling Hay Fever Nasal Spray*, introduces NEW Becodefence to offer a comprehensive range of hay fever nasal sprays for fast-acting defence and long-lasting relief from multiple hay fever symptoms. So we might not be able to forecast the weather but we can help you enjoy a brighter summer.

Hay fever defence

If the summer makes you want to just hide indoors we’re here to save the day (and night). When you experience the first symptoms of hay fever, use fast-acting Becodefence. In just 3 minutes it can stop symptoms in their tracks and let you get on with the fun stuff.

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Hay fever relief

No one wants to be under a black cloud when the sun is shining. If hay fever symptoms are spoiling your summer,then spray hello to long-lasting relief from multiple hay fever symptoms with Beconase. Use when symptoms spike and step back into the sunshine.

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