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Does Becodefence cover the complete sensitive area in the nose?

  1. Becodefence has patented thixotropic properties, which when shaken turns the original gel-like consistency into a fine fluid that can be sprayed easily up in the nose and reaches a broad inner surface of the nasal cavity, where it immediately resettles as a stable, impermeable barrier.

  2. Research shows that even very crude application methods such as ointments or creams, which achieve less coverage of the nasal mucosa cause significant improvement of symptoms.

  3. Mast cells have been shown to migrate to the nasal epithelium during the pollen season, which is predominantly exposed to pollen. This indicates that only the areas that are reached by Becodefence fine spray need to be covered, as the inhaled pollen will basically reach out to the same areas.

  4. Recent study also show that pollen are affecting the frontal regions of the nose, where even nasal sprays with a particle size of 50μm reach a perfect coverage. As Becodefence has a spray particle size of <100μm, so its particles are distributed to cover the frontal area of the nose with some portion that may reach deeper to cover the upper half of the nasal cavity.




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Beconase Hay fever and Beconase Hay fever Relief for Adults 0.05% Nasal Spray contains beclometasone dipropionate. For the treatment of hay fever in adults aged 18 and over. Becodefence, Becodefence Kids and Becodefence Plus are medical devices. Always read the leaflet.